Company Overview

Company Overview

It was difficult for me to voice a personal matter.

I struggled because I could not communicate my feelings well.
When I did not even know if I was in pain or not,
I was saved by interacting with people.
Although aid is wanted, there are those who cannot say it.

They may think everyone seems too busy and
feel guilty to bother others for such a small thing.
It would be better to simply bear the pain.

Among those who can express their thoughts well, the voices of the apprehensive do not reach others.
In addition, there are those who come to the hospital after their state becomes terrible.

Furthermore, there are those who endure pain
while others in the same hospital room easily press the call button to hail the nurse.

That is correct.
In medical care, if you do not raise your hand, you will not be able to reach the service.
When you are unsure if you can raise your hand,
it is not necessarily that someone will kindly ask you.

Especially when in pain, unless the person in pain says it, it goes unheard.

Therefore,to ensure that everyone receives fair service
and at minimum your pain be noticed,
is such a world I wanted to make.

We aim to visualize the most unpleasant feeling a person feels,

【 Company Overview 】

Company Name
    PaMeLa Inc.

Represenative Directors
    Tetsurou Honda, President and CEO

    E601 Biosystems Building 6F
    1-3 Yamadaoka
    Suita, Osaka 565-0871,

    95.68 million yen

    February 2016

Board of Directors     
    Corporate Director&CSO Aya Nakae,
    Corporate director Hajime Oshita (MedVenture Partners, Inc.),
    Corporate director Yosuke Yamamoto,
    Corporate director Arata Hasegawa,
    Auditor Satoru Sugishita (MedVenture Partners, Inc.)

Main Banks   
    Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd. ,
    Mizuho Bank, Ltd.,
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, SMBC



【 History 】

February 2016   
    Founding of PaMeLa Inc.
May 2016   
    Awarded the 12th Consortium Research and Development Grant
    by Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.
November 2016    
    Completed funding through third-party allocation
    (MedVenture Partners Inc.)
April 2018   
    Awarded a grant
    from Osaka Prefecture Monozukuri Innovation Support Project
June 2018   
    Completed funding through third-party allocation
    (MedVenture Partners, inc.)
November 2018    
    Awarded a grant from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
    for Seed-stage Technology-based Startups (STS) Support Program
April 2019   
    Completed funding through third-party allocation
    (Osaka University Venture Capital Co. Ltd. & MedVenture Partners, Inc.)
December 2019    
    Completed funding through third-party allocation
    (Teikoku Seiyaku Co. Ltd.)

【 Access 】

7 min. walk from Osaka Monorail “Handai-byoin-mae” Station

2 min. walk from “Handai-Igakubu-mae” bus stop (Kintetsu or Hankyu Bus)