PaMeLa Co., Ltd. is a scientific measurement company for pain.

Pain is one of the most unpleasant sensations and serves as an alarm to warn living organisms of a crisis.
Since prolonged pain is harmful to the living body, appropriate treatment is vital.

As of now, there is no method that can evaluate pain objectively.

The sensitivity and expression of pain vary greatly depending on individuals, so patients sometimes fail to receive appropriate treatment.
Other times, inadequate pain treatment causes severe side effects such as being in a vegetative state or drug addiction.

Since the process of pain recognition is highly complex and not easily clarified, elucidation of pain recognition may have to wait until the distant future.
On the bright side, great progress has been made in feature extraction of brainwaves.
With the power of Artificial Intelligence, we are developing a system which can evaluate pain without taking verbal information
from the patients themselves by picking out pain components from large sets of pain data, including its intensity or severity, through the use of Big Data analysis.


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We want to know what pain is, and it is our purpose.

Among the five senses that people have,only pain cannot be seen.

What would the world could be like if we could see pain?
How we wish we could it?

You who have great pain, yet cannot be understood by others.
You who endure the pain which needs to be treated.
We can help you.

We, at PaMeLa Inc., are conducting research using EEG and artificial intelligence to “visualize” body pain every day.

Until now, pain has been judged by how a person feels and what a person says, "It hurts a lot!" or "I can bear it ...".
When we want to reach out and help someone in pain, or to provide medical care,
words have been the only thing we could rely on.

So, when someone does not speak up, or when someone cannot speak, we cannot help, nor can we deliver necessary care.
How we wish there were a method to objectively judge the existence of pain and measure the size of pain.

We are developing our technology to make that "what if" into a reality.
We want to reach out and help you who is in pain, in a way that suits you; help anyone who has pain, in a way that suits each individual the best.

Even if the cause of pain is hidden somewhere, the pain itself is certainly in you.
We want to realize the pain in you. We want to understand the pain in you.

This feeling drives us.

Understanding body pain leads to understanding pain in the heart.
The world in which we can understand pain will look different than it is now.

We will continue to face the pain,
so that many people can understand each other's pain,
believing that we can become a society that can empathize together and that people around the world can smile.