Selected as One of the Top 10 Companies at Medtronic APAC Innovation Challenge(MAIC)!

We, PaMeLa Inc., is honored to announce that we were selected as one of the top 10 companies out of more than 300 participants at Medtronic APAC Innovation Challenge(MAIC) hosted by Medtronic plc., a medical device company that operates globally.


■About our product (PMS-2, tentative name)

The device we have been developing is aimed at helping doctors and nurses in minimizing patients’ post-operative pain by displaying the level of pain with an objective index. By doing so, our device can provide post-operative pain treatment, which has a history of depending on patients’ and doctors’ subjective views on pain, with objective index necessary for appropriate medicine. We try to achieve it by making the device small enough to be placed at the patient’s bedside, and measures and analyzes EEG with AI in order to give scores to the pain each patient experiences. We also intend to expand the use of our device outside of post-operative treatment at the hospital.


※Please visit the link below for reference






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